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Welcome to Gironia, land of legends and shadows.

Once every half-century, a festival unlike any other descends upon the region. But this isn't just any festival—it's the Monster Jubilee, an event shrouded in mystery and darkness.


Dive into Gironia's vast and open terrain. From its bustling cities to its darkest corners and intricate dungeons, every step you take could unveil a new secret or lead you to peril. Unearth the treasures and challenges hidden within each dungeon as you navigate your way through its many mysteries. With a world this vast, the story is truly yours to shape.


Turn-based, but far from predictable. The revamped battle system demands strategy and foresight. With multiple battle modes, every encounter is a test of your wit and valor.

Discover and befriend hundreds of unique monsters, each boasting different abilities and rarities. Train them and become the greatest monster tamer Gironia has ever seen. But remember, the line between tamer and tamed can often blur in the shadows of the Monster Jubilee.


Uncover the powerful secrets of Monster Fusion!

Combine two creatures to forge a new, stronger entity, inheriting the skills and powers of its parents. Experiment, discover, and build your unbeatable team.


With up to 20 hours of core story mode, immerse yourself in a tale of intrigue, humor, and darkness. Every choice, every battle, and every monster caught (or fused!) brings you closer to unraveling the enigma of the Monster Jubilee.

Your actions and decisions will have weight. Choose your path wisely, for every decision can lead to a new ending. With several branching paths, you're in for a unique experience every time you play.

Not everything at the Monster Jubilee is as it seems. As you uncover the truths and deceptions of this age-old festival, you'll come face to face with the darker side of monster taming.


Revisit the world you fell in love with! A decade has passed since "Minimon" captured our hearts in its charming 2D universe. Now, it’s time to rekindle that passion in its grand remake - "Oni Hunters", made by the original developer. Dive deep into Gironia, now reimagined with a stunning depth and breathtaking details. Can you hear the echoes of nostalgia?


  • Branching storylines: Your choices matter. Forge your path and witness one of the many endings.
  • Open-world exploration: Wander freely through Gironia, uncovering hidden dungeons along the way.
  • Advanced battle system: Fast-paced, strategic, and endlessly engaging.
  • Monster Fusion System: Merge creatures to create powerful new allies.
  • Hundreds of unique monsters: Train, evolve, and fuse your beasts to face even greater challenges.
  • A dark tale with a sprinkle of humor: Experience a narrative that will tug at both your heartstrings and funny bone.

Step into Gironia. Uncover its mysteries. Become a legend.

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