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Dither Machine is a tool to help you generate dithering automatically, instead of doing it by hand, which can be a tedious task.

Current features supported:

  • Generate linear and radial dithered gradients with multiple colors
  • 3 different dithering patterns
  • Resizable canvas
  • Export result to a file or copy to clipboard
  • Define custom percentages per color


  • Bezier curve gradients
  • Import your own dither patterns

Adding your own palettes:
When you first run Dither Machine, a default palette file will be saved to your disk.
This is just a text file with one palette per line, you can delete / add new palettes by editing it and relaunching Dither Machine.

The path of the palette file should be:

  • in Windows: %appdata%\LocalLow\Lunar Labs\Dither Machine\palette.txt
  • in Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Lunar Labs/Dither Machine/palette.txt
  • in Linux: $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/unity3d/Lunar Labs/Dither Machine/palette.txt


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dither_machine_windows_beta6.zip 11 MB
dither_machine_osx_beta6.zip 14 MB
dither_machine_linux_beta6.zip 16 MB

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That's damn good! Why don't you change app icon with ResourseHacker?

Really thank you!

What are the Mac System Requirements?

Is there any chance that this will have an option to modify the values by typing number? It's frustrating to rely on the slider when I need some precision. Since there is no preset or any way to save the setting, number based values will also help to keep the constant setting for multiple images.

Maybe soon I can add those features...

(1 edit)

Hey there. I'm using Windows 10 and I can't seem to paste greyscales from clipboard. Not sure if I'm doing anything wrong, there is no other option available for importing images.


No jpgs or pngs. Selecting my image in Photoshop and then hitting ctrl+c did the thing.

So you were trying to paste a file from the clipboard then?
It only supports copying a image directly from a image editing software, but I guess I could easily add support for pasting a filename, either jpg or png :)

Exactly :) Thanks!
I would love png or jpg support. I wish there was a way to export animations. Just moving the color and scale slider back and forth already makes for some really cool color cycling effects!


Might I recommend the option to take it out of fullscreen and have a normal color selector?

For now press Alt + Enter to get out of fullscreen (works at least in Windows, not sure if same in other OS)

I'll add a proper color selector to the "todo" list, thanks for the suggestion, it is a good idea

You can put any Unity app in windowed mode by starting it with '-screen-fullscreen 0'


Just wanted to report that the mouse isn't working in the current Linux build. 

If you're using Unity 5.6.0/5.6.1 there's a bug with fullscreen mouse input for Linux builds - you can avoid the bug by having the Linux build launch in windowed mode (or the bug was recently fixed in 5.6.1p2 if you want to upgrade).

Hope that helps! 

Hi, I'm indeed using Unity 5.6.0, thanks for reporting this bug, I'll update my Unity version and post a new update soon (just need to finish some new features!)

Hi, just to say that there's a new version now with a newer version of Unity, the mouse now should work :)

Hi again, and thanks for the update! I'll try it tomorrow and let you know how it goes.

Hi there, in case you are still interested, the code is now fully open source, you can modify it as you need!